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MaxWallet FAQ’s

MaxWallet FAQ’s – Easy and Secure Funding Solution


It is an innovative payment processor which is created by BlueMax Capital.

What is the purpose of MAX WALLET?

  • To make the transactions Quick & Easier.
  • To reduce the unwanted currency conversion charges.

How to access my MAX WALLET account?

It would be inside your myBlueMax client login.

Can I able to withdraw my money via MAX WALLET?

Yes, you can withdraw your withdrawal amount in MAX WALLET, for this you would need to select “WALLET” in Payment mode while filling up your withdrawal form.

When I will receive the withdrawal amount in my MAX WALLET?

After processing your withdrawal request the withdrawal amount will be sent to your wallet.

Can I able to buy USD in my MAX WALLET?

Yes, you can buy USD in your wallet in two ways. They are as follows,

First you should click “Money In” then enter how much you would need (minimum of 100$). This request will be placed to BlueMax financial department, and then they will contact you after you sent the amount to their account, once it all done you’re requested USD will be credited.

Second you can receive/send or from/to any MAX WALLET users, here there will be no minimum amount restrictions i.e. you can do transaction from above 1 USD.

Can I use my MAX Wallet balance to fund any of my account?

Yes, you can fund your accounts by using your MAX Wallet balance.

Can I able to fund my friend’s account by using my MAX WALLET balance?

In this case you cannot able to fund directly to your friend’s account, only you could fund to your friend’s MAX WALLET account, from his MAX WALLET account only he could able to fund his account.

What are the fees in MAX WALLET transaction?

All transaction fee is 1% and the minimum fee is subjected to 1 USD.

Fee are applicable for:-

  • Fund your account by using your MAX WALLET.
  • Transfer your MAX WALLET to other MAX WALLET users.
  • Request withdrawal from your MAX WALLET account.

Can I able to see my transaction history?

Yes, you can able to see the history in “My Transactions” here you could see your all kind of transaction history.

What is mean by “Uncleared Balance”?

If you request to fund your trading account from your wallet balance, in the processing time the amount will be in Uncleared balance.

Can I able to cancel my fund account request?

Yes, you can able to cancel your fund account request while it is in Uncleared balance state.

What’s the processing time for funding/withdrawal request?

For self trading account the process will be completed within 24 hours, for PAMM accounts the processing will be done only in the weekends.